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The reputation management blog by Evergreen Partners

Reputation Roulette is a reputation management blog that showcases the many ways a reputation can be bruised, injured or knocked out…and at Evergreen Partners we specialize in assisting those in need, and often preventing any damage.

The world is full of hazards and whether a reputation is at risk due to outside forces or internal actions, the end result is the same – the damage can impact everything from stock price, employee retention, business relationships and family life. We’ve seen it all, we’ve been there with clients that range from high-profile individuals to the largest corporations in the world.

One thing we can share for sure- reputations are at risk more than ever before, this is one growth industry. Everyone with a mobile phone is a reporter, every internet device can be a weapon of mass destruction.

Come sit with the experts, read about some less fortunate types and know that when you need a reputation tune up, or a major overhaul, don’t gamble…we are your lucky number.

Take a Spin with us on Reputation Roulette!

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