A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Within hours of the death of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, demands begin to surface for the Obama Administration to release the photos taken of his dead body. Everyone from conspiracy theorists to Congressmen are asking for the photos to be made public. Obama and his public relations team are facing a momentous decision; To release or not to release.


Releasing the photos will calm down those who are doubting that we actually killed the mastermind. Even though a mountain of evidence points to the fact that he is dead, many will be unsatisfied until a photo proves it. Also there are many Americans who really just want the closure of seeing this man dead. The flip side of the coin is the extremist movements in other countries. How will al-Qaeda cells in Yemen and other hot spots react to this photo? Do we need to give them any more reasons to be aggressive towards us?

Not Release:

Conspiracy theorists may never be satisfied but not releasing the photo gives them more ammunition. They will believe that Obama is hiding something. al-Qaeda in nations all over the world will not have a picture to really around but also won’t have to deal with the image of their beloved leader with a bullet hole in his head. This image attaches a sort of mortality to the figure who was viewed by many to be above it.

Unfortunately there is no clear cut decision. Ultimately either decision will be heavily debated and there will be detractors on both sides.

Should Barack release the photos?

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