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Happy March to our loyal Reputation Roulette readers! We interrupt this regular session of reputation discussion to bring you some exciting news from the world of Evergreen Partners.

Evergreen’s own Mindy Cohen was recently featured and quoted in the February 23rd issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy in an article about how the baby-boomer generation has shaped the field of charitable donation today.

If you’re a subscriber to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, click here to read the full article. Otherwise, see below for Mindy’s portion:

Show donors the savings.

When Mindy Cohen helped organize a benefit last year for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, she made sure that the charity’s many baby-boomer donors understood where their money wasn’t going. “We let them know everything we’d done to reduce the cost of the event itself,” says Ms. Cohen, a cofounder of Evergreen Partners, a firm that does public relations and event planning for charities.

Among the cost-cutting measures: Virtual programs, with sponsor ads that are displayed on screens at the center, have replaced printed programs, while the souvenir goodies that used to grace every place setting are now gone. Instead, Ms. Cohen tried to make visible just where donors’ money goes, highlighting programs, individual performers, even pairs of tap shoes for young dancers in New Jersey’s public schools.

“Baby boomers want to feel the money they worked hard for is going to a real program,” says Ms. Cohen. “They want to have a thorough understanding of where the money ends up and a sense that it isn’t being wasted.”

We’re so excited for Mindy and hope you all can pick up a tip or two from the Chronicle of Philanthropy article!

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