Controversial Coverage Battle Causes Aetna to Lose “Points”

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News broke today that an appeals court has ruled in favor of Beth Scott and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund this week regarding Scott’s appeal to have a mammogram covered by her helathcare provider, Aetna. Scott, 44, spent the past two years battling Aetna, who did not want to cover her routine mammogram because she is a transgender woman.

It seems that this story has a happy ending – Scott’s procedure will be covered and Aetna will change their policy to make sure that people in similar situations will not have to face such a roadblock.

What perplexes us is why Aetna would really put their time and resources into this issue for two years. The percentage of America’s population who are transgender is so small compared to the tens of millions of people covered by Aetna each year.

In today’s era of “cautious acceptance” when it comes to the rights of the LGBT community, you would think that Aetna would not want this issue to drag out more than it should. We feel that for something this menial (in terms of overall business for Aetna), this decision was not worth the risk for possible (and eventual) negative backlash from the LGBT community and its supporters.

We’re glad that everything worked out for Scott and the other transgender people out there covered by Aetna – we just hope other healthcare providers think a little bit more long-term than Aetna originally did.

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