A Lesson We Can All Learn From

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In early May, a reporter from the Sturgis Journal (Sturgis, Michigan) took to the paper’s blog to vent his feelings on the areas that college students choose to focus on these days. In his writing, Jef Rietsma picked Evergreen’s Karen Kessler as someone who has been described as an “expert in reputation management” and to express his astonishment that that is a field that people can study in school.

However, going only on information provided from this USA Today article, a number of assumptions were made without the correct information.

Well, after reaching out to Mr. Rietsma, Karen provided some clarification to his misinformation. Thankfully Mr. Rietsma recognized his mistake and wrote a terrific acknowledgment on his blog that he may have been a bit misinformed on Karen’s background and accomplishments.

The lesson we can all learn from this: When journalists makes assumptions based on insufficient facts and reporting, it can hurt a person’s reputation. So, armed with the facts, a focused and direct response can trump reputation slights!

What would you say?

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