School District Deals With a Bully of its Own

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Over the past few years the topic of bullying has surfaced in schools across the nation as teachers, faculty and students alike become increasingly mindful of the issue.

Schools have undoubtedly created an increase in awareness, however there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to appropriate action for mitigating the situation at hand.

According to a recently published article, a teacher in San Antonio, Texas had her own way of solving the problem. She told students to hit an accused class bully, Aiden Neely, two times each. The incident allegedly took place in May, but it was not until recently that Neely’s mother heard about it. Unsurprisingly the teacher was fired right away.

It seems as though the blame is being placed primarily on the teacher. Community members find it hard to imagine why a teacher would promote violence to try and show this boy a lesson. They believe that in trying to stop the bully, the teacher has become one herself, and find it appropriate that she be forever departed from the classroom.

But the ramifications of her actions extend far beyond her classroom. It harms the reputation of the school district as a whole, as many believe that one teacher can’t be too dissimilar from the rest. And what does that say about the figures at the top who hired all these mindless souls to begin with?

Now I am not suggesting that one unwise teacher should represent an entire school district, but I do believe that the district should advise a plan to ensure that community members do not believe the former to be true.

Some action must be taken for the area to recover from the drama associated with this incident and for teachers to gain the full respect and trust from all community members that they deserve. And this time, I think it will take more than a casual hitting session to do the job.

What would you say?

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