NJ: Voted most likely to…

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Yet again, NJ distinguishes ourselves as the State most likely to…humiliate its residents. Today our US Senator is disputing rumors that he traveled to the Caribbean to have sex with underage women. Last week our other US Senator threatened to spank the Mayor of the largest NJ city. And then our Governor recently graced the cover of a national weekly magazine characterized as a Mafia kingpin.

We resident of the Garden State endure more public embarrassment than the other 49 states combined. The reality shows, the sitcoms, the movies all know that if you want to go for a cheap laugh, a tacky personification, or a loud argumentative impersonation: we are here and we are Jersey ready.

The politicians of the state are immersed in how best to rebuild the institutions damaged by Hurricane Sandy.. maybe it is time to rebuild the reputation damaged by the Hurricane of  Politicians.

What would you say?

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