Lululemon’s “Transparency” Issue

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Lululemon, the popular women’s high-end athletic clothing brand, has had some issues of transparency lately. And, we don’t mean the kind of transparency that is usually applauded on Reputation Roulette.

The brand’s yoga pants, which account for 17% of its bottoms, have recently resulted in revealing workouts for wearers due to shear fabric.  While the company says they haven’t changed their fabrics, they are offering full refunds for unsatisfied customers.

Fine, that would be great – IF this was the first time this has happened to the retailer.   This marks the 4th recall or warning for their products in the past few months, leading many to wonder “what am I paying these prices for?”

News articles from around the country have quoted Lululemon enthusiasts questioning why they don’t just switch to retailers such as Target who offer similar products in the $20-30 range instead of the $80-90.

So, with stock prices falling, annoyed customers and product supply shortages in stores – what is Lulu to do?   We suggest a re-launch of their yoga pants, fixing clothing issues instead of issuing “warnings” about dyes bleeding, and lots of customer perks – read: coupons!  And, with their loyal customers their only “advertising”, it wouldn’t hurt the company to offer incentives for their faithful.

One shopper quoted in the AP’s coverage said, “It’s hard enough making a commitment to working out without worrying about whether you are baring your behind.”

So true.

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