Where is the NJ Sex Appeal?

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Election season is in full swing both in NJ and NY, with dedicated and loquacious candidates running for local, statewide and federal offices. But there is more dividing the two states than the Hudson River. The question needs to be raised – Where is the steamy stuff in NJ??

New York has a Governor with a live-in paramour sharing the Governor’s Mansion. New York has mayoral candidates in committed gay relationships, committed bisexual relationships and one with a need to share his anatomy over social media. New York even has a comptroller candidate with a fondness for wearing his socks when hiring hookers!

And then let’s look at New Jersey:

We have a senior senator with no spouse/dates or any other manner of companion. We have a Newark Mayor running for Senate who, despite his charm, has yet to show us he can snare a date. We have a newly-elected Wall Street Executive turned Jersey City Mayor who hangs with his parents in his free time. Did Hurricane Sandy take the sex out of the Jersey Shore? Even Snooki doesn’t hook up anymore…What is going on??

The last good sexy story we could boast about was about a Governor with a boyfriend on the payroll – and that was over 10 years ago. Could a state known for leading the way in political corruption, pay-to-play, and loud mouth officials be unable to find that smarmy work/life balance? Do we need a political Match.com to get these guys some action?

What would you say?

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