Alex Rodriguez Headed to Steroid Hall of Shame

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Alex Rodriguez has had a very promising career ever since he signed with the Seattle Mariners as a short stop in 1994.  Rodriguez has been the American League’s MVP three times, won the Golden Glove award twice, is a five-time American League homerun champion.  After almost 20 years in baseball, and almost 10 years on the New York Yankees, he should be considered one of the best players of all time.  Yet, no one thinks of him that way despite his major accomplishments.

Rodriguez’s career has been tarnished with accusations of steroid use and, more recently, strained relationships with the Yankees.  Now, Rodriguez is facing a suspension for the use of the performance-enhancing drug Biogenesis, and interfering with the MLB’s investigation into his alleged drug use.  The suspension, if enacted, will last through the 2014 season, but Rodriguez is currently in the process of appealing it.  If upheld, he would not be eligible to play until possibly the 2015 season.

Many people are now asking, is the suspension going to ruin Rodriguez’s already tarnished reputation?  The answer is yes.  No one forgets the player that used steroids, especially in baseball.  Going forward, there will always be the “but” on the end of every compliment towards Rodriguez.  “He was the best on the Yankees, but he got suspended for steroid use” or “Rodriguez was my favorite player, but he used steroids and did not cooperate with the MLB.”  When steroids are involved, there is no excuse athletes can use that still makes them seem like an upstanding, honest player.  Fellow athletes, coaches, and fans view steroid-aided players as cheaters the moment the accusations begin.

Rodriguez had the opportunity to become one of the best players in MLB history, to be a role model for children across the country, and to be remembered for all of the records he set and awards he won.   But from now on he will be remembered as another player that achieved fame because he used steroids.

What would you say?

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