Christie’s Reputation “Colonoscopy”: Time to go flush it out

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Governor Chris Christie has broken the rules, and this time it is not just the rules of good government. Chris Christie, facing the largest dilemma of his career, has yet to follow the most basic rules of reputation management:

Rule One: Don’t laugh when others are suffering

Days of gridlock, life endangered by EMT vehicles stuck in lanes of traffic and the Governor chose to joke and suggest he was on the George Washington Bridge, wearing a uniform and moving traffic cones.

Who is laughing now?

Rule Two: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Didn’t we all just see millions of dollars spent on television commercials with our governor pledging bipartisan approaches as the best way for this state to succeed? So while filming those commercials, and seeing the polls showing a lopsided victory, his team decides to lash out at a small town mayor and a gubernatorial candidate without traction?

Rule Three: The “Colonoscopy Approach”

I often remind clients that this test is done to quickly get all the “bad stuff” out in one session and to be able to look and see what else lurks that might be a problem. This is how information is best measured and a response best crafted.

The “leaking and dripping” of this administration, information coming in day after day, names that were redacted but ultimately will be made public, officials balking at testifying, and more.

Get it out – all out – and then start to repair.

Rule Four: The phrase “I am sorry” goes far

Somehow, someway, Chris Christie needs to learn how to say it out loud…and often.

What would you say?

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