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Rachel Canning, Lincoln Park teenager whose suit against her parents went viral this past year, has filed a temporary restraining order on her boyfriend Lucas Kitzmiller.

Canning has accused Kitzmiller of choking her with his hands during a dispute late Saturday evening that took place on the streets of Mine Hill. Immediately after, she fled to her car and drove to the Denville Police station to file a domestic violence complaint. According to the Daily Record, Kitzmiller has since filed a cross-complaint and has received a temporary restraining order against Canning as well.restraining order documents. illustration design

Canning and Kitzmiller’s relationship was one of the reasons for the disagreement between Canning and her parents this October, prior to moving out. They encouraged her to end the relationship, claiming that Kitzmiller was a bad influence that encouraged her lifestyle of missing curfew, drinking and showing her parents no respect, according to the Daily News. In addition to arguing over her relationship with Kitzmiller, Canning claimed that her parents failed to support her “both financially and emotionally,” and sued her parents for child support and both private school and college tuition. As the case gained international attention, Canning dropped the suit and has since moved back in with her parents, who agreed to not criticize her relationship with Kitzmiller as they dated on and off for the year.

In light of recent events, maybe parents do know best. Their initial instincts of Kitzmiller are seemingly correct, that is if Canning’s claim of violence is true. Regardless of whether or not the court finds enough evidence to support a permanent restraining order, it seems that it would be best if Canning takes the advice of her parents and keeps her distance from Kitzmiller.

However, the best advice to take from this entire situation was that given by Judge James DeMarzo who suggested that both parties keep quiet about the case, especially on social media. As seen with last year’s court case, news like this can easily go viral and if Canning hopes to go off to Western New England University in the fall clear of a reputation, she should keep things quiet and try to move on from her past.

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