Suarez Leaves His “Mark” on FIFA World Cup

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Uruguay’s Luis Suarez is no stranger to controversial incidents in the world of soccer.  In 2010, he was caught biting one of his opponents and received a 7-match ban from the Dutch League.  A few years later he was seen biting a Chelsea defender and received a 10-match ban in the Premier League.  Considering his history, it should come as no surprise to FIFA World Cup viewers that Uruguay’s Suarez would continue to use such ridiculous tactics.  As of present, he received a 4-month, 9-match ban from FIFA for –you guessed it- “biting” Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in a recent round one World Cup match.  He also received a $112,000 fine.

What did surprise the world was Suare??????????????z’s attempt to defend and deny this recurring action.  According to The Daily News, Suarez claims “After the impact … I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent” and therefore mistakenly bit his opponent’s shoulder.  He attempts to sound like the victim as he states, “At that moment I hit my face against the player leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth,” to emphasize his own pain rather than taking ownership of his actions.  The seven-man FIFA panel dismissed his argument as they concluded that the bite was “deliberate, intentional and without provocation.”

This Saturday, June 28th, FIFA confirmed that formal proceedings had begun to appeal their decision and Uruguay now has seven days to submit a written appeal.  But what affect could an appeal have on a repeat offender like Suarez?  FIFA has made it clear that they will not accept his arguments despite the fact that all field officials failed to witness the bite- the whole world witnessed it.   Will he keep fighting the plain truth or finally accept responsibility for his actions?  At this point he seems motivated to fight these “cruel” accusations that he would intentionally bite a player.  To be honest, it seems to be a story of Suarez crying wolf.  We may have believed him the first or second time around but now his words are hard to believe.  Maybe this time he will learn from his mistake and keep his teeth to himself.

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