Forgetting What You Preach: PR Firm Dives Into Scalding Hot Water

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Global public relations giant Edelman got caught with its pants down twice recently, exhibiting the same kind of PR blunders it warns its clients about.

First, its president was found to have written a dismissive email about an inquiry into the firm’s practice of representing climate change deniers. Then an Edelman blog post suggesting that Robin Williams’ suicide represented an “opportunity” for a national conversation about depression was seen as insensitive and exploitative.


More flubs followed, as Edelman officials tried to distance themselves from the individuals who committed the initial errors in judgment then handle the fallout when they were called to task.

Management has finaStress conceptlly managed to pull its pants back up to its waist, but the fingers buckling the belt are still trembling. Edelman officials say they’ll treat themselves as if the company was a client.

That’s a positive…

Such gaffs are not the exclusive province of the unschooled, obviously, but it’s troubling when such a well-known firm so ineptly manages its own reputation.


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