Profiting From Bad Publicity

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After media reports of a fight over leg room between airline passengers yesterday, travelers crashed the website of the $22 device that blocks a seat from reclining trying to buy it.

Huh? Even though the fight led to an emergency landing and police got involved? Hey, when marketers say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, this is what they mean.

The dispute on United Flight 1462 from Newark to Denver escalated from words to actions when the man using the Knee Defender refused to remove it. The woman in the blocked seat tossed a cup of water in his face and the ensuing brawl led the pilots to land in Chicago where the passengers were met by police.

Hey, those wacky passengers, right? Who’s really willing to fight over a few inches of leg room on a five-hour flight? Well the answer is: more of us than you’d think. So many of your future fellow passengers want the Knee Defender that after media reported the incident, traffic to the company’s website — the only place to buy it —caused it to crash over and over again.

Oh yeah! Welcome to the hockey game in the sky! Get ready for the rumble in the stratosphere!

Because you won’t just be watching the brawls, my friends, you’ll be grabbing for a cup of water yourself. See that guy in the seat behind you slipping a laptop from his carry-on? Well, he’s already snapped the Knee Defender onto your seat-back.

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