Undie-handed! Lingerie footballers allege California labor law violations

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Shame! Shame!

Players in a women’s indoor football league, including Las Vegas Sin quarterback Robin “Nikki” Johnson, are suing the league, claiming they weren’t paid overtime — or even minimum wage — when owners sent them out on promotional assignments or out onto the gridiron in helmets and shoulder pads (and little else).

It’s as though your boss told you he had your back, but left your buns uncovered.

Three lawsuits filed this summer claim the league violated California labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act. The lawsuits were filed by former players of the Legends Football League, which used to be called the Lingerie Football League.


Teams in this indoor women’s football league have names like “Sin” and “Temptation,” but you can be sure the league’s attorneys won’t call their allegations “flimsy.”

All three lawsuits claim that the league improperly classified the plaintiffs as independent contractors so they wouldn’t have to pay overtime and minimum wage.

Come on guys (assuming the league owners are men), gawking at gals on the gridiron in their skivvies and shoulder pads ain’t like bolting a $10 beer at the local jiggle joint. If these women are on the field playing for wages and not tips like their follow performers dancing around the pole, they certainly deserve the respect a decent paycheck provides.

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