OH NO! Not another huge data breach! OMG!

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OH NO! Not another huge data breach! OMG!

While Home Depot considers “some unusual activity that might indicate a possible payment data breach,” some commentators predict the largest ever exposure of consumers’ personal information – and disaster for the company’s reputation.

Us? We’re wondering: What’s all the fuss?

If there’s a story beyond media hype, it’s maybe that few consumers really care. Data breaches — of all sizes — have become so common that consumers greet new reports with a big ho hum. Mind passing those soggy peas, please?

We’ve seen it before: Big Consumer Company Guhzinio discovers (usually after consumers do and media breaks the story) that its customers’ personal information may have found its way into the hands of bad guys. Guhzinio hires security professionals and cooperates with law enforcement, blah blah blah.

Oh yeah, they offer free consumer credit monitoring to their customers… though few customers take it, it appears.

Oh, Wall Street cares, but consumers? Not so much. In fact, some executives now question whether even to tell consumers that their data has been breached. Perhaps that’s taking the idea of consumer protection too far, hmmm?

We think the good company says, “Look, we do our best, but you know that no one’s shared personal data is ever entirely protected.” Look out for the company that hides and says, well, nothing.

You tell us: which response enhances a company’s reputation and which would bruise it?


What would you say?

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