UnderArmour and Overselling

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Can two supermodel women working out like fiends be the essence of what it takes to capture the women’s work out clothing market?

Giselle Bundchen and Lindsey Vonn signed up with Under Armour to showcase their abs, their looks and oh right, their “ you can get this body, too” approach. The commercials begin today, the stock has risen and the competitor apparel companies are nervous…

But will this change a reputation that the company has built for clothing super muscled footballers?

Indeed, time and sales will tell… but the unattainable looks and body marketing effort is one that has been rejected by women for the last few years as evidenced by the Dove commercials, the “ stars without makeup”  and  the “ this is real women” campaigns.

Lulu Lemon has weathered rocky waters  by selling  workout clothes that aim to slim hips, lift the rear and have  uber fashionable style.

Watching this kickboxing match will be good sport.

What would you say?

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