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Hairgate: Rumor, Reputation and Death by a Thousand Lashes

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The latest Apple product “scandal” trending in the consumer blogosphere claims the new Apple iPhone 6 has a tiny gap where the screen meets the case that catches and tears out users’ hair. “Hairgate” some wags are calling it.

It looks like the uproar may be over nothing (there’s no gap, for example, to catch users’ hair.) But that hardly


matters: Non-owners of the Apple iPhone 6 can’t know that until they buy one… if they do.

Apple has lately been on the r

A good reputation can be dealt a lethal blow from a single incident (think of all the sex scandal revelations that overcame otherwise solid political careers.) But one’s good reputation can also suffer the death of a thousand tiny cuts.eceiving end of as much media buzz for its alleged flaws, gaffs and missteps as for new product launches. That’s not good for a company still struggling to prove its viability in the wake of founder Steve Jobs’ death.

Apple faces having its reputation being cut to pieces, one thin slice at a time  — if it can’t harness the power of its uber-loyal customer base to help recapture the narrative.