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Protecting Queen Bey’s Hive

Friday, August 8th, 2014

in the Press Room of the 2011 Billboard Music Awards

A brand can be founded on anything, it seems. Something that should be as private as a marriage can be easily used to elevate a celebrity’s status- the tactics appear time and time again. That being said, it came as no surprise when the reigning King and Queen of hip-hop and R&B stepped into the role of husband and wife in 2008. Together, their careers were propelled to an entirely new level of success, culminating most recently in a world tour grossing $100 million in profits, according to Now, six years later, the duo known as “Bey-Z” are battling rumors of their marriage teetering on the rocks.

On July 29, the two attended a private event for the opening of Jay-Z’s mother’s new restaurant. An allegedly private photo surfaced of the two enjoying Gloria Carter’s event at Newark’s Diamondz N Da Ruff.

When the Star-Ledger questioned Carter about whether her son and daughter-in-law would be separating, the rapper’s mother brushed the inquiry aside, saying, “That’s not what this conversation is about.”

The cold, hard truth is this: Beyonce and Jay-Z are worth more together than they are apart. Their relationship is, arguably, one of the key factors of their continuing success as they cater to the public’s idea of a fairytale romance. If they truly are having marital problems, it’s hardly a shock that the two would strive to do anything in their power to protect their public image. Whether they unite as a family in support of their mother or, as they’ve been doing, acting out their romance on stage, it’s more beneficial for them to continue to act as a happy couple. If they want to keep their tidal wave of success from ebbing, it’s probable we’ll continue to see these photo ops emphasizing a supposedly solid marriage.

It’s worth noting that there are celebrities who actively, and successfully, shy away from the spotlight. We rarely see these celebrities’ private lives, as they manage to keep them hidden from the public eye and separate from their work. When relationship issues arise in heavily publicized celebrity couples, it’s only fair to ask: Is using a relationship to buoy your fame worth it? If the bond matters that much to Beyonce and Jay-Z, wouldn’t they detest the notion of incorporating their marriage into their brand?  It seems safe to say they take no issue with this particular method of branding. After all, they’re only continuing to rake in unimaginably immense profits.