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Can a Bad Break Be a Good Break?

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

The pre-wedding pummeling delivered by Ray Rice in a casino elevator has been played on television, on websites, in offices, on iPhones, in homes and offices, and is the definition of a viral video. Now what?  Beyond the hand-wringing, the empathetic comments, the angry tweets and the many, many collateral issues- the NFL response? The Casino? The investigators? The teams?- is there a good break?

If an athlete with ALS can spur tens of millions of supporters sending donations to combat the disease, can this video be the engine for a nationwide effort to support safe houses? Domestic violence groups? Legal services for victims?

Does it have to be “fun” to create a CCTV security cameracontribution frenzy? Something we want to look at like funny freezing friends?  Or can it just be something we can’t bear to watch?