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Forgetting What You Preach: PR Firm Dives Into Scalding Hot Water

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Global public relations giant Edelman got caught with its pants down twice recently, exhibiting the same kind of PR blunders it warns its clients about.

First, its president was found to have written a dismissive email about an inquiry into the firm’s practice of representing climate change deniers. Then an Edelman blog post suggesting that Robin Williams’ suicide represented an “opportunity” for a national conversation about depression was seen as insensitive and exploitative.


More flubs followed, as Edelman officials tried to distance themselves from the individuals who committed the initial errors in judgment then handle the fallout when they were called to task.

Management has finaStress conceptlly managed to pull its pants back up to its waist, but the fingers buckling the belt are still trembling. Edelman officials say they’ll treat themselves as if the company was a client.

That’s a positive…

Such gaffs are not the exclusive province of the unschooled, obviously, but it’s troubling when such a well-known firm so ineptly manages its own reputation.


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Protecting Queen Bey’s Hive

Friday, August 8th, 2014

in the Press Room of the 2011 Billboard Music Awards

A brand can be founded on anything, it seems. Something that should be as private as a marriage can be easily used to elevate a celebrity’s status- the tactics appear time and time again. That being said, it came as no surprise when the reigning King and Queen of hip-hop and R&B stepped into the role of husband and wife in 2008. Together, their careers were propelled to an entirely new level of success, culminating most recently in a world tour grossing $100 million in profits, according to Now, six years later, the duo known as “Bey-Z” are battling rumors of their marriage teetering on the rocks.

On July 29, the two attended a private event for the opening of Jay-Z’s mother’s new restaurant. An allegedly private photo surfaced of the two enjoying Gloria Carter’s event at Newark’s Diamondz N Da Ruff.

When the Star-Ledger questioned Carter about whether her son and daughter-in-law would be separating, the rapper’s mother brushed the inquiry aside, saying, “That’s not what this conversation is about.”

The cold, hard truth is this: Beyonce and Jay-Z are worth more together than they are apart. Their relationship is, arguably, one of the key factors of their continuing success as they cater to the public’s idea of a fairytale romance. If they truly are having marital problems, it’s hardly a shock that the two would strive to do anything in their power to protect their public image. Whether they unite as a family in support of their mother or, as they’ve been doing, acting out their romance on stage, it’s more beneficial for them to continue to act as a happy couple. If they want to keep their tidal wave of success from ebbing, it’s probable we’ll continue to see these photo ops emphasizing a supposedly solid marriage.

It’s worth noting that there are celebrities who actively, and successfully, shy away from the spotlight. We rarely see these celebrities’ private lives, as they manage to keep them hidden from the public eye and separate from their work. When relationship issues arise in heavily publicized celebrity couples, it’s only fair to ask: Is using a relationship to buoy your fame worth it? If the bond matters that much to Beyonce and Jay-Z, wouldn’t they detest the notion of incorporating their marriage into their brand?  It seems safe to say they take no issue with this particular method of branding. After all, they’re only continuing to rake in unimaginably immense profits.



Choking your reputation: How Charles Saatchi’s Neck Is On the Line

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Famous art collector, Charles Saatchi, was photographed outside a London last year choking his, now former, wife. Artist renditions of Charles Saatchi with his hand around the neck of Nigella Lawson can now be purchased on Saatchi’s website,

Pictures of the shocking event can be purchased for amounts ranging from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. Artists may upload their work to Saatchi Art and sell it to receive 70 percent of the original selling price, while the gallery receives the other 30 percent.Art gallery with different pictures

The Saatchi Art website clearly forbids uploading images that are “violent or threatening, or promotes violence.” Yet when asked why the pieces were not removed, chief curator Rebecca Wilson responded that “Saatchi Art does not believe in censorship unless the material is pornographic or incites racial hatred”, according to the Daily Mail. Saatchi seemed to be unaffected by these paintings and commented, “Would it have been a better story if I had censored artists whose work might be personally disobliging?”

Obviously, these images have begun to stir up some controversy. “Domestic violence is not a trivial matter. It is extremely insensitive to all victims of domestic violence for someone who has accepted a police caution for assaulting a partner to earn commission on images of the offence. We are shocked that anyone would want to make a profit from images of abuse,” said Polly Neate of Women’s Aid. So the question stands, is restricting the sale of such paintings considered “censorship” and a hinder to freedom of expression? Or are such works offensive, especially to victims of domestic violence and abuse? Should these works be removed?

Either way, the publicity that Saatchi has received, after seemingly choking his ex-wife, appears to be making light of a serious matter. No woman should ever be choked by her husband, and earning a profit from such an act of violence is distasteful and insensitive.  If Saatchi wishes to maintain his reputation as a renowned art collector, he should be careful in his next steps; he must try to avoid both excessive censorship and creating a reputation for himself as a misogynist, to keep an effective and profitable gallery.

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Senate Investigates Dr. Oz’s “Miracle” Claims

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Dr. Oz is not only a heart surgeon, an author and a television personality, but also made the list of the most influential people in the world. Therefore, his recent dealings with the US Senate have sparked headlines. Everyone is beginning to wonder is Dr. Oz just a serial endorser? What responsibility does he have to his audience as a public figure?

Oz has been a longtime supporter of various weight loss products, such as Pure Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia. Some companies will use Oz’s words in their commercials.

The Senate recently held a panel to evaluate false advertising on weight loss supplements and many panel members proved to be unhappy with Oz’s promises and assertions regarding products with little scientific evidence to support their benefits. Senator Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance, noted that Oz’s language gives consumers “false hope” and pondered his intentions in such assertions.

Measuring Tape And Diet Pills

As mentioned in an article by, Oz responded that he does in fact utilize “flowery language” to discuss certain products, but that he also supports the products enough that he gives them to his own family. He also added that he feels as if his job is to “to be a cheerleader for the audience” and that he looks “everywhere, including in alternative healing traditions, for any evidence that might be supportive to them.”

Despite his admitting to the use of some suggestive rhetoric, Oz also asserts that he is not responsible for how other companies redistribute his words. So the question is, is Oz solely to blame for using “flowery language” in the first place or do companies take his assertions and spin them for their own benefit? Is Oz taking advantage of his audience in his position of influence or does he genuinely believe these products will work?

Going forward, he promises to tone down the language and make an edited list of products that he believes have benefits. “To not have the conversation about supplements at all however would be a disservice to the viewer,” he says and adds that he hopes to find a way to stop future weight loss scams. Oz better make sure to support products that will actually produce results before the public begins to realize that his claims are not backed by any significant evidence and his reputation as a trusted influencer is no more.

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Two Words Cost News Anchor His Job

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Saying profanities under your breath on live television may not be the ideal way to begin a new job. Ask A.J. Clemente, a West Virginia University graduate who began his first ever news broadcast on North Dakota’s NBC affiliate KFYR with two very inappropriate words. We all get nervous our first day on the job, and A.J. lent his mistake to not knowing his microphone was live. Should A.J. have been a bit more careful as an aspiring news anchor? Maybe he truly was not aware, as he did not have any prior experience reporting. At first, A.J. was simply suspended for the slip, but on Monday he tweeted that he had been fired.

His tweets did not end there, but continued with a series of apologies, thank yous, and promises to come back better. He even admitted that the only thing he can do now is laugh at himself. A.J.’s mistake resulted in the Twitter trend #keepaj, which might not have been successful for his gig at KFYR, but who knows what is in store for him next. With almost 10,000 Twitter followers, people are certainly paying more attention to him now than they ever did before his first newscast.

Can he use the power of social media to turn this whole incident around and actually come back stronger? Now, the public knows his name and major news outlets are talking about him, which is not exactly the norm for North Dakota reporters. Does A.J. have the potential to save face and garner enough support to begin a new, successful endeavor? Only time will tell if the old adage that all press is good press can hold true in this controversial case.