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Take a Class Offered by… a Travel Website?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

When scrolling through a travel website with long lists of hotels, there are many different factors that may cause customers to choose a certain hotel over others. Such factors might be the location, cost, pictures, or amenities. However, I think the most important factor is the hotel’s reputation with its customers. No list of amenities can outweigh a list of bad reviews. Besides cost, reviews seem to be the only other reason a customer would choose a three-star hotel over a five-star hotel. Customers want to enjoy their vacation, so good customer service is at the top of their list, while looks are of less importance.

travelLuckily for hotels that have negative reviews, TripAdvisor and eCornell have partnered to offer an online course called “Managing Your Online Reputation with TripAdvisor”. This course will give hotel owners advice on “how to monitor and improve their property’s online reputation”, according to an article on Travolution. The purpose of this course is to ultimately help hotels gain business and increase revenue. The class is free and is open to hotel and bed & breakfast managers/owners everywhere.

This course covers topics such as assessing your reputation, how to respond to your customer’s reviews, and how to use your customer’s feedback constructively. According to the same article, TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website. Their website is based off of consumer reviews so they are the perfect company to partner with eCornell for this course.

Reputation management is not just for celebrities. Establishments such as hotels and restaurants need good reviews in order to survive and be profitable. Dissatisfied customers and bad reviews mean decreased revenue which might ultimately lead to them going out of business.

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